Error message when starting VDL2

Whenever I start VDL2, I get an error message that states ";This application has failed to start because PRM.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."; Then the audio setup window appears, I click OK, and the same error message comes up again. I click OK, and I'm left with the VDL application window. I also get this message when going to File>Setup. Then, when I load a given sound (it doesn't seem to matter which one), and click on the piano keyboard in the Kontakt interface, all I get is a piano sound. Any ideas? When I load the player from within Finale (2007), the sounds seem to come through just fine.

Also, I'm confused on how to use the Library Update 1.5. I downloaded the patch and copied the folders, and when I click Load, the Library Version 1.5 appears at the top of the drop-down list. Do I need to load that into the first rack, and then load other instruments, or is it just there to indicate the version of the library, and I can load the instruments from below as normal?
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Regarding your error message, my best advice at the moment would be to send a support request to NI by using their form at:

(note: be sure to log-in first in the column on the left, then you'll see the form)

Regarding the library 1.5 update, if you're seeing the 1.5 folder in the drop down list, that means you've successfully installed the library. That portion of the dropdown list is merely there to identify which library you're using. You should also see a couple new instruments in the ";combination instruments"; folder. Check the ";ReadMe"; for listing of what's new in the library.
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