Stopping sounds during playback

Hey guys,

I was wondering, is there way to send a MIDI message in Sibelius (or perhaps Sonar, while making recordings) to make sounds stop on an individual channel.  I'm writing parts for Vibes and Chimes and would prefer to not have to use the pedaled instruments if at all possible. Thanks!
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One thing you can do is send a controller message to turn CC20 to a value of 1. On vibes and chimes, this is the ";release"; function which will shorten or lengthen your release time. See page 28 in the VDL2 user guide to see the definition of these knobs/controllers.

Also, try entering a quick pedal down/up marking where you want the sound to cut off (you can hide it in Sibelius by simply clicking ctrl-shift-H if you don't want it to look cluttered). This sends a CC64 message, and may still achieve the effect you're going for, even though the instrument isn't labeled as using sus pedal control.
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