Let me be the first to congratulate the Green Machine on their win tonight.  What an amazing show.  I wish I could've been there to see it live, but maybe next year.

Congrates to a great staff and members.
Though I don't think the judging community gave you the credit due.....it was a good summer for drumming. :)
Congratulations!!! - to Jim, the members and the entire Cavies drum staff!�� Words cannot express how grateful I am that you all exist - you all do so much for the art of percussion.�� Definitely some of my personal heros :)�� Take care all and Congrats again!!
Indeed.  Makes me proud to be a Cavalier on nights like last night.

Party at Don Warren's house, Ratliff? :-)
Bryan - I am in for the party at the old man's house as well!!!!

Congrats Jim and the boys - I agree with RGreen in that you guys never got credit for the great drumming you did all season.  Hopefully that credit will come soon enough though.

Thanks for all the support guys. It was an amazing and emotional journey. All the credit goes to the guys for creating such a unique blend of musicianship and professionalism, as well as the management and staff for steering things as it all came to life. It's an incredible team! It's humbling and an honor to be a part of it.

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement!
I know this is old but I would just like to thank you Jim for all that you did this past summer.  It was a great summer with great parts and I learned so much just from listening to you guys work with the battery, it has also helped with my writing for my college drumline.  I miss being out there but from what I've heard so far this year's line is smokin'.  Thanks again Jim and I'll see you guys some this summer.
Even thought this thread is old, congrats Jim on last night's first victory of the year.  Also, congrats on the drumline taking first in percussion.  I cannot wait to see you guys in San Antonio.  I'll try to introduce myself to you at the TBA, if you are there.  I might be at either the TRN or Barnhouse booth for a while.

Again, congrats and best wishes for this season!


Jim will be busy with the Cavies, but I'll be there working TBA.  I'm sharing a booth with Sibelius.  Stop by and say hi.
[quote author=Bill link=topic=1304.msg8844#msg8844 date=1182131826]

Jim will be busy with the Cavies, but I'll be there working TBA.�� I'm sharing a booth with Sibelius.�� Stop by and say hi.

Sounds great.  I hope to see you there. 
Hey Dennis,

Are you planning on participating in the Cavs alumni corps next summer?

I would love to.  It depends on my job.  As a band director here in South Texas, I end up putting in a lot of hours during the summer.  Also, it will depend on what arranging/ composing jobs I am doing. 

It would be fun to do this.  I haven't signed up for anything yet.

I am giving some serious thought to doing it...

I can relate to the long hours with the band director gig.  Same situation here.

It is sounding like it is going to be a cool thing.

Go Green Team!
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