Can I use VD2 with the new Intel Macs?

Does anyone know if I'm able to use VD2 with the new Intel Macs?

I'm thinking of buying a mac mini or an iMac. 


You can, but from time to time you may notice a spike in your CPU usage. I would also suggest maxing out the ram beings that everything will run through Rosette. It tends to suck some resources out of your computer before you even get to the application (or sampler), this means you kinda need to bump up you specs until it runs natively. In the long run, it's a very good thing to make the change, but note that if you can run things on whatever system you have I would wait for the second generation gear to come out. The only reason I got my MacBook so early in the wave of things was because I needed a laptop for school. I hope this helped some. Peace...
I use it with Sibelius 4 and Kontakt 2 on my iMac with 2 GB. It works... ok. Certain functions work fine, certain functions are really slow. It can be frustrating at times, you just have to wait it out until Sibelius releases the Intel Binary Version.
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