VDL:2 crashes

I installed VDL:2 and it crashes everytime I run it. I have the system requirements.

When I get the blue sheet I get a message about kmixer.sys. And when I restart and windows wants to send an error report to mircosoft it gives me these two files. Mini081906-01.dmp and sysdata.xml

I found out that kmixer.sys is Mircosoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer and that driver is version 5.1.2600.2180

Also, when I send the error to microsoft they say the cause of this error is my video adapter.

Got any ideas so I can use VDL:2?
I'm not sure, but I wonder if it has something to do with your audio drivers. What kind of sound card are you using? I'd suggest you contact Native Instruments tech support by filling out this online form. You'll have to sign on with your NI username before you'll see the form.

You didn't specify, but if VDL:2 crashes after the program starts up, and when you try to playback sound, check this topic for a solution:


Also, look in your VDL:2 manual for more information about 'Asio4all'.

If that doesn't work, and VDL:2 is crashing when it is trying to start up and load the program, try these:

1) ��Use 'Microsoft Update'. ��I know it sounds obvious, but sometimes windows has problems reading it's 'temp data', and usually microsoft has an update to fix that.

2) ��It might be that after a while your system cannot read from the temp file. The file is usually located at: C:\documents and settings\[YOUR USER NAME]\ local settings\temp
Your user name is the name you sign into windows with. In windows explorer you may need to go to: Tools, folder options, view - ��then select ";show hidden files and folders"; in order to see this folder.

What you could try to do is delete the folder and all of it's contents then reboot windows. The folder should be recreated, then see if the error is resolved. If not try right clicking the folder and then properties then uncheck ";read only";, this setting will revert back to read only after a reboot, but try VDL:2 with it unchecked. You should click on the advanced tab also and make sure the folder isn't encrypted or compressed.

If VDL:2 still crashes after you try those, please let us know, but include in your post: ��step by step what you are doing, and what happens, the entire error message, and all of your system specs (including soundcard, processor, RAM, windows version, etc.)

Hope this helps,

- OT
Be careful dude, I had almost that exact same problem in my old Dell Dimension 4550. Everytime I called Dell Tech support they told me that it was something different. I replaced the sound card, the CD/DVD Drive, the Video Card, reinstalled everything for about 3 days, etc. For Schlitz and Giggles I decided to do a full reinstall of Windows XP and that fixed everything! So if all else fails, give that a try, it just sucks because you have to completely reinstall everything that was on your drive :)
Just out of curiosity...

What OS are you using?  What version of Windows?  (Is it WinMe?)

Also, since it asked...  what video card are you using?  What sound card?

Details about your rig would help a lot.
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