Breaking the Final/End of System Barlines on the Templates

I just noticed that the Final barlines and the End of System barlines connect all the way through the staves on the new templates.  Cool. 

I thought I would make a short video of what to click in Finale 2004, 2005, 2006 to break those if any member should prefer to not have it that way.  Great work on the templates. 

P.S. I just purchased and started using this [b]iShowU[/b] screen capture program for Mac.  It seems pretty cool.  You may have to increase the screen size to view the playback controls (which show up when you scroll over the video).

Where did you find the iShowU program? This is something I could use this year for a music tech class I'm teaching.


Above is the website  I downloaded it from.  I believe it was $25.  A nice inexpensive program to use to do this type of thing.
Great stuff Scott. Thanks!
WHOA!...I just lost a Karma  LOL
Thanks Scott. I give you your karma back. Just be careful your karma doesn't run over your dogma.

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