I am having 2 problems. My 1st problem is that when trying to use rudiments such as cheeses and flam-fives,it's not being played back the way it is written. The only thing it plays bakc is the flam. I'm using Finale 06 and I have my playback style set to Marching Band but it's not helping. All I hear is the flam and not the diddle!!! THANKS Oh and my other problem is,when using more than 8 sounds, how do you flip the over to channels 9-15 on VD2.THANKS AND HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!
[u]Problem 1[/u]
-Select the notes with the diddles on them with the Mass Mover tool, then go to Plugins>TG Tools>Smart Playback
-Then make sure that the Diddles, tremolo box is checked, and clock ";Go";

[u]Problem 2[/u]
You can open multiple instances of the player.
-To use all 16 channels, open a second instance of the player (i.e. two separate players).
-Open whatever instruments you want in the first, and in the second, make sure that the proper channels (9-16) have been selected for the instruments loaded.

Hope this helps.  And for the record, you can find answers to most things Finale-related at
Thanks Sir!!!
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