Playback Issues

2.2ghz processor
2 gb Ram

I am currently running Sib. 3 and K2. I have adjusted K2 to where I am running sounds through the sampler and have turned off all the reverb. I have also raised my latency a bit on the sound option. My pit stuff is playing fine but my battery stuff is muddled and tends to skip, especially diddles. Any ideas?
It's possible that you've set your soundcard latency a little too high. This is a setting you sometimes have to fiddle with until you get it dialed in just right for your particular machine and scoring needs. You didn't mention what type of system or soundcard you're using, so the audio drivers may also be something to look at.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend you update Kontakt 2 to the latest version (currently 2.1.1). As a registered user, you can download this for free from your account on the NI website.

Perhaps also try fiddling with the DFD slider in Kontakt 2. This can sometimes help performance.

Hope this helps! Keep us posted.
My specs for sound read AC97 20 bit plug-and-play architecture. Its definetly not great. Is it time to get a new card? What would you recommend?

Really appreciate the help!
Go to Kontakt>File>Setup. In the ";soundcard"; section, what options do you have?

I'm not sure what AC97 is (perhaps a generic consumer card that came with the box?), but Windows users will experience the best performance when using a soundcard that uses ASIO drivers. If you don't know what ASIO means, read the VDL2 glossary, and pay particular note to ASIO, MME, and DX. Those are all different types of audio drivers (seemingly to confuse windows folks).

Ideally, your soundcard settings would say something like:
Interface - ASIO
Sample Rate - 44100
Output Device - (the name of your soundcard)
Output Latency - (somwhere between 24-43 miliseconds)

If you need to upgrade your soundcard, you might consider an M-Audio Audiophile 2496, or one of the Soundblaster Audigy cards which offer ASIO compatibility. Both options are reasonably priced for entry level audio work.
I can definitely vouch for the Audiophile card. I put one in my old pc (before I wised up and went Mac) and it works great. Check with your local Guitar Center or similar store before you buy anything. I just happened to ask the guy at the Guitar Center here in Houston and he had an old one he sold me for $50. It's amazing what kind of discounts you can find. The mere fact that they changed the look of the box cut the price in half!
Also, in playback for Sibelius, make sure (on the same dialog box as the reverb) that you are setting playback to Meccanico.  If it's expressive, and you give Sibelius a little ";wiggle room"; to make diddles sound ";more realistic";, it makes quite a variance and can most definitely ugly-up your playback.
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