A Free Virtual Midi Keyboard

Those of you that don't own a midi keyboard may find this useful.  It’s a program that functions like a midi keyboard.  You play it by clicking keys with your mouse.

It can be connected to Sibelius or Finale through a virtual midi port, like midi yoke, and will function just like a hardware keyboard.  There’s even an “always on top” option in the settings so the keyboard will remain visible even when you’re working in Sibelius or Kontakt.  It’s not as convenient as a real keyboard since you have to keep switching back and forth between programs, but it’s a lot better than entering everything manually.

Unfortunately it’s Windows only.


I am going to try this out right away!!!�� This is great news!�� Thanks for finding this and posting this information.�� I will let you know what I find with this.

MAYBE WE SHOULD MOVE THIS TOPIC TO ";GENERAL DISCUSSION"; so that we do not clog the wrong section of this forum with this.
Seems to be very touchy on Finale.�� Didn't try it too much on Sibelius other than to see if it worked.�� Seems like, in Finale, you have to put a note in with simple entery first, then go to speedy and delete the rests that are there automatically (which that setting could be changed), then in speedy hit the CAPS LOCK key to set your note value...then go to the keyboard and enter the notes.�� It is also a note behind at times and will not enter the note you just played until you enter another one.�� I am going to try some more.  Also seems to work better when increasing the latency up to about 100.  this was all done in Finale 2005...seems even more touchy in the later versions, but it still enters notes.

You will be ale to use VDL to hear your playback as you enter with this but it tends to do weird MOD Wheel adjustments when you click on the keys...especially if you move fast.  Note entry is better when you click slower and give it some time to ";think";.  If you move too fast it also seems to crash the program.  So - you may hear wierd mod wheel changes like mallet shaft hits on marimbas rather than regualr notes when using this to enter.

I hope that makes sense, but this is on the right track....this is cool.
Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.  I figured this qualified as a ";helpful hint.";  Moderators, feel free to move this post to wherever you feel it belongs.

As far as the strange mod wheel changes:  There�۪s a feature built into the program that allows you to set controller levels (such as the mod wheel) with mouse movement.  I believe that the mod wheel is mapped to the x axis by default.  If you turn this feature off it should solve your mod wheel problems.  Besides, I don�۪t think Sibelius or finale record controller levels when you enter notes, so your playback won�۪t be affected either way.

I haven�۪t tried this program with Finale.  I generally avoid using finale when I can help it.  The keyboard program is a little awkward to use with Sibelius, but it�۪s manageable.  I have a midi keyboard I use at home, but I think this will come in handy on the road.
Correct.�� It will not playback that way in Finale as long as you make sure the controller change is setback to whatever you want.  If you left it at 127, it would playback rolls (speaking of marimbas).  The user would need to just remember to move the mouse all teh way to the left if they were just using it ";out of the box"; with no controller changes wanted...but I was just mentioning that on playback while entering...so youd have to get used to that.�� I was able to get it to start working in Finale a bit more.�� Seems to work better when you enter notes in slower.

Great job finding this.
Just did some checking on some percussion staves and some other mallet staves and this seems to work great right now, if you work at a medium pace and try not to rush the entry.�� Again, nice job in letting everyone know about this!�� I like the mouse action for Mod wheel change for playback while entering.�� :)

MAN...I have to take a typing class...  :\
I cant get it to work, I know its something simple Im missing.

Finale 2006b, VDL2

Granucon KB is set to MidiYoke 1
Finale MIDI in is set to MidiYoke 1
In Simple menu, I am accepting MIDI information for input.

Granucon plays VDL2 sounds, but notes do not show up on Finale. Ive tried using an external mouse, rather than the touchpad on the lap top.
Any help would be much appreciated!
This will not work with Simple Entry.  You will want to use Speedy Entry and make sure that you use your Caps Lock key to lock it on a specific Note Value.
I will try to write up a more concise tutorial on this since there have been a few questions on this.  I will try to get this done as soon as possible.  This way it will be easier to understand and follow.

Look for that soon.
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