OT: New Minnesota Independent Winter Line!?!?!

WGI National Level Independent Winter Drumline in MN???!?!?

ANNOUNCING: Twin Cities Area Independent Percussion Ensemble

This is your opportunity to find out MORE about the ONLY college level
Independent WGI Winter Drumline in MN.

In college? PERFECT! This percussion ensemble is DESIGNED with YOU
in mind!

TCAI was created as a ";next level"; organization and to allow YOU to
participate in a NATIONAL LEVEL/CALIBER - WGI winter drumline program.

Contact: TCAIPERC@gmail.com if you are interested in hearing more
information about this exciting opportunity.

TCAI also announced on WGI website:

TCAI makes the WGI auditions feature story list of Independent Open
lines on the WGI website!!

Go Here - http://wgi.org/news/features/2006/auditions.php
Auditions in less than a month!

TCAI Percussion Ensemble article on WGI website.
Thanks, Jim!  It should be a very fun and interesting winter.  Something that Minnesota, in particular, has been needing for a long time.
Good luck with the new ensemble guys!!
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