I want another contest.....

With drum corps season over and marching band in full swing (no winter drumline here) I would love to see another contest here on tapspace; and I don't care if there is a prize, bragging rights are enough for me.

Here is what I'm proposing....

-I think our good pal Mr. Casella should write some original work that includes both battery and pit percussion.
-For the contest, he leaves the last third of the piece unfinished for us to fill in and compose.
-The ending should be no longer than, oh, lets say a minute.
-You are only limited by the voicings (aka number of people that would play) in the pit that they could physically play (determined by our original composer himself).
-You can only use sounds that come from that wonderful sound library VDL2.

In the end, they post all the audios for everyone to listen and enjoy just to see how different/same it would sound.

In the end, the tapspace people pick a winner on the best sounding or closest to what good ole' Jim had in mind.

I just think this would be a lot of fun, a great learning experience, and a wonderful opportunity to hear VDL2 in the spotlight.

I don't know, what do ya think?  Or am I crazy to even suggest a thing?


Ha! Some great ideas Dave! I like the way you think...except for that part where I have to write something. :) I'm almost out of the hole from summertime and waist deep in a film score (zombies!). Actually if my schedule wasn't so crazy, I'd be totally up for it, but realistically, I know it won't happen (this is a [i]big[/i] step for me to admit this).

But...I love the idea of another contest. The last one was a great success, and it was pretty amazing to hear such a cool variety of ideas flowing out of the contestants. Maybe a cadence contest? Or perhaps something more for the concert hall? What do you guys think would go over well?
Maybe something comparable to the PAS Composition Contest? Tapspace decides the instrumentation (obviosuly using the VDL2 library) and number of players, the winner gets it published? Maybe even have a solo category, ensemble category, and cadence category?
I think  percussion ensemble composition contest would be great.  It would also get people using more of the other sounds rather than just the battery elements.  This is a great idea.
I think the winner should get a free marimba.

I also think everyone who enters should be a winner.
You'll Have to use Marimba mallets though.  Tenor mallets wouldn't work too well  ;)
I think a cadence contest would be pretty awesome, but does there have to be just one winner who gets to have their music published? I think no one should be deemed winner and it should all be just in good fun (not saying the last one wasn't). Maybe you could give a gift for entering somthing, like, inside news or somthing. My brain was thinking but i lost it..haha.
But yes, it is time for a new contest.

how about... winner gets to write one measure of the Cavies '07 book :)
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