how do you load more instruments?

i use Vdl:2 and Sibelius 4 and love them both. But on problem, how do i load more than just 8 instruments at a time, so i can write a full pit and drumline score, without having to buy a keyboard. or do i need to buy one?

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Use the search feature and you'll find a lot of discussion about this.  Look for ";multiple instances"; etc. 

In a nutshell, you can open more than one instance of VDL2 and assign it to MIDI channels 9-16. 

There are better ways to do it though- you need a very fast computer with a lot of RAM (2 GB or more) and you should use Kontakt 2 which can load and save configurations for an entire ensemble.  If you are going for realistic results, you should not depend on Sibelius to export your final mix, but instead use Logic, Cubase, ProTools, etc.  These programs can load multiple instances of VDL2 and/or Kontakt. 

And using Sibelius and VDL2 without a keyboard, even for battery writing, is a very inefficient way to write.  With one hand on a MIDI keyboard, and one hand on the computer's numeric keypad, you can enter notation extremely fast. 
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