ON TOPIC: Sibelius 4 upgrade

Hey cool cats,

Just ordered the Sibelius 4 upgrade and was curious if my Sibelius 3 VDL2 files I created will still be compatible (IE- is the mapping still the same, etc.).  Thanks,

Hi John,

Yes indeed. Any of the percussion mapping (aka ";staff types";) will still be contained within your Sib 3 files. Seems that they convert to version 4 just fine, so you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Good seeing you in Madison!
Thanks Jimmy C.

Good to see you as well and I'm glad everything's going well for you at Cavies and with Tapspace.  Loooking forward to more of your creations.

My upgrade didn't come with a printed manual, but you can find it on the Sibelius site after you register.
Good point Jedi. For upgraders, they make you purchase a printed manual if you want one (people purchasing the software for the first time DO get a full manual I believe). I can vouch for how expensive those things are to print, so I'm not surprised. I remember when Finale would come with three different (large) printed manuals. With on-screen help being so easily updatable and accessible, and the cost of printing so high, it makes sense to do it this way. The Sib4 on-screen help system seems to be able to answer most questions.
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