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In perusing MySpace for drumine-related profile songs, I discovered that there really aren't any. And I suspect that I'm not the only one who would use one if it were both decent and available. That's not to mention that, though it probably wouldn't [i]guarantee[/i] a whole heck of a lot more attention to the company, more attention is certainly a possibility, and free publicity is... well... free.

Finally, if image is an issue - not wanting to appear juvenile, etc. - consider that a lot of reputable artists and companies are doing it. In fact, I've seen profiles for Michel Camilo, Dave Weckl, Vic Firth and Burt Bacharach. Still on the hunt for Pat Boone, but Burt's definitely on there.

Anyway, I hope the Tapspace Corp will consider it. I gotta believe that, on the shores of some remote tropical haven, there's a really smart, humble, philanthropically-natured supermodel, waiting to start a psychologically sound internet relationship with a guy who's not afraid to bump some Martian Mambo.

Good idea Marsha. We've just set it up.

I used to be anti-MySpace because I thought it was only for teenagers and stalkers, but then I realized all of my favorite bands and comics use it too.

Cool. here is mine.
And here's mine: www.myspace.com/ryan_cox

Please excuse the near total lack of groove on the drumset solo. I didn't own a drumset at the time, really, truly hadn't touched drums for months prior to that run-through and created the solo using the imaginary kit on my lap.

Plausable disclaimers, I like to think. :)
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