Channel Changes in Logic

I have an instance of VDL2 loaded into a single midi track in logic. There are several instruments loaded. Is there an easy way to change the midi channel at different points in the peice? The only way I've found to do this so far is to go into the event list and manually do it per note, but i'm sure there's some other way.
The way I understand it, each track in Logic can only be assigned one midi channel. I think this is how most midi programs work. You can, however, have multiple tracks access that one instance of VDL2 and simply assign each track to its own midi channel.

If your intent is to only have one track, and to have that track change instruments during the course of the piece, what you'd want to do is referred to as 'program changes' or 'patch changes.' Those can't be accomplished with the VDL2 Kontakt Player, but are possible by loading VDL2 instruments into ";Instrument Banks"; in Kontakt 2.
Thanks for the heads up. The only headway I've made since last night is to isolate the notes I want to be on a different channel, go into the event list, select all, and manually change the channel.

The reason I want to do this is to have multiple pit instruments loaded onto one track. Perhaps it would just work out better to have each insturment on a different track, but still just be working off the one instance of VDL2.

Thanks! If I find out anythign different, I'll post it. I'll check the logic forums too.
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