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So other than drum corps and WGI stuff, what musical goodness is everyone else listening to currently?

Current playlist-

Mastodon ";Blood Mountain";
Mastodon ";Leviathon";
Imogen Heap ";Speak for Yourself";
King Crimson ";In the Court of the Crimson King";
Ministry ";The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste";
The Mars Volta ";Amputechture";
The Mars Volta ";Frances the Mute";
The Mars Volta ";De-Loused in the Comatorium";
Opeth ";Deliverence";
Meshuggah ";Catch 33";
Meshuggah ";Nothing";
Lamb of God ";Sacrament";
Lamb of God ";Ashes of the Wake";
Red Hot Chili Peppers ";Blood Sugar Sex Magik";
Red Hot Chili Peppers ";Stadium Arcadium";
Nine Inch Nails ";The Downward Spiral";
Nine Inch Nails ";The Fragile";
Tool ";10,000 Days";
Tool ";Aenima";
I listen to a lot of talk radio, but other than that, here's what I've been listening to:

Coldplay: X&Y
Trey Anastasio: Shine
Sufjan Stevens: Michigan and Illinois

I usually have one big orchestral work that I'm listening to also, but I'm in between pieces. Any suggestions besides the obvious?

I have a friend that drags me to metal concerts, so I'm seeing Mastodon for the 3rd time this year.  Amazing drummer for those who like technical players- it's like a wall of notes.

Recently played on my iTunes-
Modest Mouse
Sigur Ros
Chick Corea jazz stuff
Soundtracks by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard
Christopher O'Riley plays radiohead (piano)
Samuel Barber Hermit Songs and piano works

and of course...


(just kidding)[/size]
Here's some regulars on my mp3 player:

Dane Cook
(I second Jedi's) Soundtracks by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard
�� ��I also enjoy alot of various composers:
Eric Whitacre
Eric Ewazen
John Rutter
Rimsky-Korsakov...to name a few...
and has anyone ever heard of the ";Tastee Brothers";? (google it)

- OT

You guys have to have room for Tenacious D :)
Always nice to talk about music on a music-related board. . .as for me:
  - BT: This Binary Universe (new album; AMAZING)
  - Youngblood Brass Band: Is That a Riot?
  - Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series
  - Red Garland: Pretty much the whole catalog
  - Miles Davis: Bitches Brew, In a Silent Way, Tribute to Jack Johnson
  - Flaming Lips: At War with the Mystics
  - Clifford Brown/Max Roach albums
  - Michael Torke: Rapture (percussion concerto)
  - Mahavishnu Orchestra: Inner Mounting Flame
Most recent i-pod playlist:

Dirty deeds done dirt cheap ��� AC/DC
Predator ��� Soundtrack Main Theme
Rotten apple ��� Alice in Chains
Devil�۪s haircut - Beck
Laguna sunrise ��� Black Sabbath
Roof is on fire
Be a man - Hole
No woman, no cry ��� Bob Marley
It�۪s my party and I�۪ll cry if I want to ��� Brenda Lee
Love will keep us together ��� Captain and Tennille
Mars attacks ��� Soundtrack Main Theme
Enjoy the silence ��� Depeche Mode
The end ��� The Doors
Bodies ��� Drowning Pool
Electric avenue ��� Eddie Grant
Veruca Salt ��� Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Soundtrack
San Francisco Nights ��� Eric Burden and the Animals
Goin under ��� Evanesence
I�۪m so sick - Flyleaf
Dancin�۪ Fool ��� Frank Zappa
Dream Weaver ��� Gary Wright
Diane - Guster
The number of the beast ��� Iron Maiden
I won�۪t back down ��� Tom Petty
A Boy named Sue ��� Johnny Cash
Freewhel burning ��� Judas Priest
Milk shake - Kelis
Bette davis eyes ��� Kim Carnes
Oracle - Kittie
Pink lemonade - Kittie
Spit - Kittie
Chi Ching ��� Lady Sovereign
Saturday night special ��� Lynyrd Skynyrd
Golden years ��� Marilyn Manson covering David Bowie
Bright lights ��� Matchbox 20
Shake that ass ��� Booty Bass
Coca Cola cowboy ��� Mel Lewis
Black ��� Pearl Jam
Long road ��� Pearl Jam
Wish you were here ��� Pink Floyd
Bulls on parade ��� Rage Against the Machine
Country yodel ��� Roger Whitaker
The last day of our acquintance ��� Sinead O�۪Connor
Scream dream ��� Ted Nugent
She blinded me with science ��� Thomas Dolby
Don�۪t come around here no more ��� Tom Petty
Here comes my girl ��� Tom Petty
Ticks and leeches - Tool
Afrika - Toto
Calling all angels - Train
Hey ya ��� William Hung covers Outkast
I love a good Brahms symphony and On the Souls of Transmigration by John Adams.  Debussy's preludes or solo flute works are simply amazing.

Although recently, Mark Isham is in my play list.  Black Daliha is pretty good. 
Nice. This is a great topic. Just got the new Ethel CD. They rock. I've been hooked on the score to ";The Machinist"; (Roque Banos) for a lot of this year as well.
I got money saying SOMEBODY gets a show idea off of these lists, be it indoor or out :)
I finally picked up Radiohead's ";Hail to the Thief"; today, and haven't been able to stop playing it.
[quote author=Lydian9 link=topic=1350.msg6106#msg6106 date=1159763512]
I got money saying SOMEBODY gets a show idea off of these lists, be it indoor or out :)

Good point.....as I go back and more carefully look over the lists.....
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