Problems with VDL:2 and Sibelius 4

If you have had any problems with VDL:2 and Sibelius 4, post your problems here. I would like to know what problems other users are having. Plus, it could help other people that are having the same problems!

MHS Drumline
Hmmm...not sure really how to respond to this post, but I'll give it a try.

MHS, welcome to the Tapspace forums.  There are numerous posts that already exist to help people resolve problems they may be having configuring VDL:2 to work with their various composition programs.  Feel free to read over those posts.
To add to what Bill said, the search feature will work wonders if you put the right words together.
And after doing some searching on the forums, if you find your question is not answered, feel free to ask a specific question. It will likely be met with a helpful response.

If it's a common question, you may also find it listed at [b][url=]Tapspace FAQ Central[/url][/b].
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