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I just bought VDL2 two weeks ago. I downloaded the Aug 1 06 VDL update. When it asks if I want to replace the files already there should I say ";yes?"; I'm thinking you just drag the parts within the ";Instrument"; folder into the original ";Instruments' folder and the same for the ";Multis"; folder - although they were just text files.

Should I download the Kontact or Native Instrument update?

Check this topic for a solution to the VDL:2 update:


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Scott - it's usually a good idea to download the latest updates. Keep in mind, the [b]VDL2 library update[/b] is different than the [b]Kontakt Player update[/b]. Both are recommended.

While you're on the updates page, if you haven't already, it would be a good idea to download and install the DFD extension which will enable your samples to stream from disk.

When updating your library, you can click ";yes"; to replace your old [i]instruments[/i] and [i]multis[/i] folders. This is generally fine. If for some reason you wanted to revert back to the older library, you can either re-install (just the library) from your VDL2 DVD, or simply remove the [i]instruments[/i] and [i]multis[/i] folders prior to overwriting them as discussed earlier.

Most likely, you will not need to revert back to the former library, so I don't think it will be a big problem for you to simply overwrite the old ones.
Hi guys,

Thank you for the responses. I tried replacing the update files but then Finale didn't have any VDL2 banks and all the files I created said they couldn't follow the link to VDL 2 Bank folder. I deleted Tapspace then rebooted and got back to where I am which is that I have a Finale template with SD (RL), Quad (RL), BD (RL), and a metronome staff. They all have the correct banks associated and they play back in finale with sounds associated to each bank. However, I still can't use Speedy Note Entry w/ keyboard. I made sure the ";Use midi"; option is checked in Speedy menu. I can use Simple note entry but the only problem (besides going blind with the ledger lines - lol) is that I can't predict which sounds I place. I focused on the Metronome staff because it had very distinct sounds and not many of them and had the Kontakt virtual keyboard picture as a guide. I try to get my bearings where each C is and so on but I can't get a system going. What I enter on the staff doesn't sound like when I hit those blue keys on the virtual keyboard picture for the same pitches. I wondered if I needed to transpose because the finale template is in Bb.

My goal is to make VDL recordings of a few hundred compositions and arrangements I've written. There are snare solos, SD/BD duets, marimba solos, mallet duets, drumset solos, timpani solos, and multi-perc solos/duets. I'd love to be able to dig in and start it. I know how to assign VDL banks to up to 8 staves in Finale but I just have to figure out how to get the Speedy note working or so when I use Simple note entry I know what sound comes out of what note I put on the staff. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know. Otherwise, I'll leave the updates and other questions to my tutor since I'm going to meet with him in the next few weeks. This is way over my head and I don't want to waste people's time on the forum asking too many questions.

In need of some James Hetfield,
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