updates or new releases for PASIC?

    Is there anything we should be looking forward too for PASIC? Just a sneak peak? Maybe even play a game with it....you start the sentence and we input what we think it will be? LOL! Just kidding....would love to hear what you guys have in store.
I wouldn't mind seeing a Tapspace Forum get together somewhere on 6th Street.


Maybe you can make little Tapspace smiley face stickers for us to put on our badges when we stop by the booth :) (please note sarcasm)
I guess we will have to wait and see. :(
Indeed, we'll have to wait and see how much we're able to accomplish by PASIC before making any official announcements. It'll be good to see various folks from the forum there, so please stop by the Tapspace booth to receive your gold star. :)
LOL! Indeed....

Oh well....I'll be in Indy that weekend... :(

First PASIC I will miss and it's right up the road! Just wanted to know what I will be missing from you guys. Can you mail me my gold star? :) 
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