OT: Cubase 4 announced; significant updates to composition features


About a minute into ";other features";, and in their somewhat imperfect German translation...

[quote]Major Score Editor Enhancements

The Score Editor in Cubase 4 has seen a major redesign, including many usability and workflow improvements as well as new features. Composers don’t despair! None of the existing functions have been lost. All functions from previous versions are still available, albeit in different places.
Here’s just a brief overview:

    * The Score menu is now slimmer and better organized. Some functions are now available via dedicated context menus and therefore easier to use
    * The symbol palettes have their own freely configurable “inspector” which is organized in tabs – similar to the track inspector
    * All preferences have been combined into a single “main” score settings dialog
    * The Drum settings are now part of the main Drum Map Setup
    * Cubase 4 now offers two additional high-quality score fonts: “Jazz” and “Classical”. The original Cubase font is now available as “Legacy” font.[/quote]


[quote]The Staff Presets have been linked to the Cubase 4 SoundFrame™ and its new Track Presets. This means that whenever a track preset is used that contains sound category information, a suitable staff preset is automatically assigned to that track. Vice-versa user defined MIDI or Instrument Track Presets can save custom staff settings together with the instrument and sound.[/quote]

I love Sibelius, but if this is capable of some very rudimentary features, it might be time to look into this.  I'm excited to see the demo.  This sure does put a crimp in Sonar6...

I'm a Cubase user and if they improved the notation capabilities, that would certainly save me some time.  I suppose I could work ";backwards"; and when I'm done writing in Cubase, I could export a MIDI file that I can open in Sibelius and extract the parts or make it look better for print.  Hmmmm
I'm hoping that the improvements are good enough to take Sibelius out of the equation.  I love Sib, but if you can do it all in one app, that's compelling.
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