VDL2 with F2006 and human playback


I've been using this board for months now as a great resource; I've even been able to fix all my problems without having to post - until now...

Here' my newest problem:

I'm using Finale 2006 to play back files for snare, timpani, and keyboard (for audition music purposes).  I can successfully use the mod wheel for rolls, muffling, etc.  But when I play back, it won't play any cresc. or decresc. that are written in the part.

I have always used human playback for this type of stuff, but when I use it with VDL2, it screws up all  the mod wheel settings - for example, instead of dynamics on the timp part, I get rolls, center hits, muffling, etc, when the dynamic levels change.  So I'm assuming I have to turn off HP.  I've even tried to adjust HP, but when I get it to use the VDL2 mod settings, it turns off the hairpins, too.

Is there any way to use both of these - or better yet, is there a way to turn off HP and still get it to crescendo?

I tried to use the MIDI tool and write in a crescendo with the continuous data pull down.  And even though it's written in there (it shows on the grid), it won't play it.

Can anyone out there help me with this?!

Thanks in advance,

Make sure your crescendos are being played with either [b]velocity[/b] (increasing velocity over the span of several attacks will increase sound), or midi [b]volume[/b] (continuous controller 7).

I believe there's a setting in Human Playback that's tailored for users of Garritan Personal Orchestra which accomplishes volume changes by using the modulation wheel (continuous controller 1). If Finale does this in your score that uses VDL2 sounsd, it will result in the types of things you are hearing (timp notes changing to rolls, etc). Make sure the mod-wheel volume control is not activated.

When possible, avoid using CC7 for VDL2 volume control. It's only really effective on parts that sustain (like timpani or marimba rolls). Most often you should allow dynamics to be controlled naturally by velocity.

Thanks for the quick reply - let me explain some more and see if I can get you closer to my fix...

Although some of my crescendos/decrescendos actually are on timpani rolls, they're also in other places.  So I'd like to create the effect without using CC7, like you suggest.

First, I'm assuming that cresc/decresc will only be played back with HP on.  You are correct that there's a setting for GPO.  But as soon as I uncheck that, it won't play back the hairpins either.  I've tried to play with the other GPO settings also, but every combination I've tried ends up either turning off the crescendos or everything all together (including my CC1 info for the rolls, muffling,  etc). 

So, I'm guessing that I'm on the right track, but just haven't found the right combination yet.  Does that sound right??

Thanks again for the help.
I think you may be trying to get cresc. or decresc. out of the Timpani or concert snare drum rolls. From what I understand these are just one MIDI signal sent for the entire duration. You won't be able to alter the volume. There's more info. on this board but I can't remember the wording to find the thread.

Jim (or others) will be able to add more. . .
Can anyone else confirm this?  I've tried to seach for it too, but have had no luck on the topic.

Thanks for the link - after reading through it, I'm not sure I'm looking at the same situation.  The buzz rolls on the snare are a predetermined thing - the sample has a definite ending.  But the duration of the rolls I'm working on can be changed; it's just a mod setting. 
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