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I haven't seen it live yet, but then again I'm not sure the last time I clicked on ABC. I believe this spot started airing a few weeks back. It's a spot I did for ABC Collge Football. They wanted the sounds of a drumline without actually hiring a drumline. Go figure...I know just the thing! Needless to say, Virtual Drumline:2 is featured here. Brass players were recorded live (thanks UCLA!).

Quicktime required to view:
Thanks guys. Will try to get onto the Tapspace Podcast...that thing hasn't grown its wings yet.

The brass music was performed live in the studio along with the VDL track.

Thanks for checking it out! :)
I especially like the sound waves displayed at the end!! 


Now where did you get that screamer trumpet sound?
That was so well tweaked, I thought it was something else.  Very nice.
I've seen it live!  I remember thinking it was one of the cooler college football comercials I've seen in a while, and whether or not it was real or synthesized.  Wouldn't ya know...nice job Jim.  First ABC, next - the world.

- OT

Is the vid going to be added to the Tapspace video podcast list via iTunes?
right on Jim,  I'm glad to see you doing  big gigs.  When does it air?

Hope everything is going well with the design team at cavs.
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