OT: Can I get an Amen?

Thought this was interesting...


That beat is in EVERYTHING! 
Amen Brother.

That was awesome.  I'll never hear that again without noticing...
Jim, you may have inadvertently triggered an outbreak of the amen beat in drumbooks across the country, or at least from our circle. I'm thinking of ways right now to fit it into my indoor shows for this coming season!
Actually, everyone teaching should fit it in as a running joke/easter egg...
Wow, that guy knows his stuff.�� I have heard that beat so many times...It's amazing how obvious it is in retrospect!

How did you run across this, Jim?
Man... How many times have we sat down behind the kit and tried to rip that beat off never having a clue of where it came from...?
The Winstons missed out on a pile of money that the so-called ";Amen Break"; could have generated for them.  I had no idea where the ";lick"; came from so I found this post very interesting.  Copyright control has definitely become a major issue, especially since the 20th century output has been ";locked away from public domain"; as Nate Harrison points out.  Judge Alex Kazinski - ";Overprotection stiffles the the very creative forces its supposed to nurture.";
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