Sibelius 4 - can get winds or percussion, but not both.

I've been using VDL2 with Sibelius for a while now and am loving it.  Now I'm doing wind charts as well but am having problems hearing both the wind parts and percussion parts at the same time.  What I did was created a new score using the Marching Band template, imported the Virtual Drumline house styles, and then changed the percussion staffs to use the VDL2:... staffs.  At this point I can input notes and hear them from VDL2 no problem.  After that I input some wind notes and now I only hear those.  The same thing happens if I start with wind notes and add percussion afterwards.  When playing the chart I can see that VDL2 is receiving notes (the keyboard keys are visibly going up and down) yet there is no sound.  If I click on the keyboard it WILL sound.  This exact same thing happens whether I use MIDI synth for the winds, Kontakt Silver, or NI Band Stand.  I also tried using Maple and MIDI Yoke as the virtual patch... same results on each.  Sibelius is currently setup for the winds to output to Maple Output Port 1, the percussion to Maple Output Port 2, Band Stand is set to receive input from Maple Input Port 1 and VDL2 Maple Input Port 2.  Has anyone seen this?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm stuck!


Matt sounds like you have things configured correctly in Sibelius, VDL, and Bandstand. What kind of soundcard are you using? Are both playback programs configured to output to the same audio device?
As it turns out I think I had the same problem I saw Jeff had a few posts ago.  I was able to work around this issue by starting from scratch, but instead of adding VDL2 staffs to the Sibelius band template I added wind staffs to the VDL2 template.  Doing things this way (instead of Export/Import of the house styles) resulted in everything working fine.  Thanks for your help, Jim.
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