OT: My All-Time Favorite Snare Drum Solo

Sorry to fuel the O.T. epidemic here, but for want of anything remotely productive to do with my time, and upon my having unwittingly developed a deep personal affinity for the following I&E performance, I suppose I've elected myself the unofficial internet ambassador of Nat Barouch's 1982 (3rd place [!?!?]) snare drum solo.

And really, I'm not sure if it's the straight [i]chops[/i], the aesthetics - the quintessential Blue Devil posture, plume, shako and bright white sticks silhouetted against the chalkboards and the anticipatory chatter of the audience - the allure of an era of drum corps that's still shrouded in mystery, or if it's some global magnetic disturbance, but this solo may very well be the solo that I would nominate if there were ever a mandate to send Earth's finest example of rudimental drumming to an intergalactic I&E contest. Needless to say, your mileage may vary; especially if you run on the mental metric system. (Hey, that's pretty good!)


[url=http://rudimentaldrumming.com/nat_barouch_dci82.mpg]Nat Barouch: 1982[/url]

[quote author=Marsha N. Mambo link=topic=1391.msg6330#msg6330 date=1161596374]
testicular fortitude [/quote]

Wow... I wish I could use that in a public school setting... I'll just have to keep it in the teacher's lounge!
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Oh, Holy Jesus.�� That guy should be given the title...hindsight is 20/20 and all of that.�� I haven't seen a lot of solos from that era...is that stock for back then?�� That solo could win today!

Hey, Mike.

Ryan here.

In trying to form some semblance of resolution to the old-school-versus-new-school dilemma, I think that this much can be said for (right next to) sure: Soloists (and maybe even entire corps?) of yesteryear tried to achieve what we call ";general effect"; by way of excellent play, with comparitively small allowances made for presentation; whereas soloists of the modern era are more inclined to equate persuasive performance antics with ";general effect."; Importantly, that's not to knock those antics; rather, it's to say that some of the clever things we younger guys do with our time on stage/field may have seemed painfully periferal to a Rob Carson, a Steve Chorazy, a Ken Mazur, et al. Then again, I don't know those people, so I'm just shooting from the hip.

In any case, it bares mentioning that what is and isn't ";on topic,"; with regard to competitive art, (as if there could really be such a thing to begin with), is a totally nebulous concept and far too subjective to enforce carte blanche. That's where we rely on judges to have the cerebral and testicular fortitude to recognize quality play and to call spades spades.

And I say all of that to say...

I think that speed, endurance, power and precision may have been slightly more ";stock"; in the 70's and 80's than they are today.

And as far as the 3rd-place issue goes: Apparently the roll breakdown carried quite a bit of weight in those early years. That being the case, I hear that Robbie Robinson and Pat Petrillo, who both post on Rick Beckham's forum, along with several other dudes who were there that day, nailed the roll thing. Apparently, they were also both on fire when they played their solos. Incidentally, you won't be the first one to wish he could see footage of those guys' performances, since they beat what I would agree is one for the history books.

Take care,

Oh, Holy Jesus.  That guy should be given the title...hindsight is 20/20 and all of that.  I haven't seen a lot of solos from that era...is that stock for back then?  That solo could win today!
MAN what a cool site!
Looking for archives?


Click on ";Nat'l Individuals.";

The solo could be titled ";Blazing Fast Singles and Stick Juggling";.  MAN he has CRAZY singles chops!

Watching and reading the other posts here made me wonder if there is anywhere online that lists the DCI (or PAS for that matter) I&E winners ( top 5 or so) from the years?  I did a search at dci.org but found nothing.  Does anyone know of such a place online?
wow...thought it was just the name.... Hyperlinks weren't underlined?.... Oh well. THANKS!
Very cool...fast hands!!!  If that was 3rd place, I'd like to see first & second.

Thanks for sharing erath.
It's linked at the bottom of his post. It threw me for a loop too...
You got a video to share of this? I was only 4yrs old when this was performed, and would love to see what I missed. :) 
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