Shaking the Earth! Concert Bass Drum!

Ok...what's your secret for outiside earth shaking concert bass drum impacts?

I noticed a few corps this summer mic'd thier concert bass drums! (Yikes...this just screams Red flags to me....but I've actually thought about it.)

I have heard many different variations of High top, low bottom for tight hits with resonante impacts.

I heard a new one today actually...

Using a VF gong mallet GB1 and cutting the handle shorter for better handling. (Which when I tried this...from a distance it actually sounded closer to what I was looking for)

Either way, just thought I could pick someone elses brain on this... Mine hurts right now.

I have a 36 and a 40' Concert Bass Drums...
40"; bass drums.  I believe that tuning to a D gave just a little more punch that we were looking for.
Tuning the bass drum slightly higher than you think you should seems to give it that extra punch... not so much up close but especially from a distance.
Cool.  Thanks guys!!!
Good afternoon!

Interestingly, or not, the Evans Strata heads that we
use sound noticeably better the farther you move away
from them.  When tuning, we always position someone
a good distance from the drum to offer feedback.  Lately,
we have been using the Strata 1400 with power center dot
on the striking side of the drum, and on the other
side we are using the 1400 without power dot.  These
days, as we say down south, we are ";right pleased.";
We have been using the Erik Johnson tuning approach
to the drum, by the way.  It's an inexact science, isn't it?
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Take care!
It's the time to start buying and I was wondering which weight Fiberskyn 3 heads were used for the tuning schemes talked about above. I checked the REMO website and they list heavy, very heavy and extra heavy with no description at all. Not even the differences thickness wise between them or anything.  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
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