Application Installation error

Hello everyone, I just got VDL2 in the mail yesterday and am having a big problem. Everytime I install it into my computer it keeps telling me that there is an Application Installation error and that I have to reinstall it. I have done this 3 times now.

Is it because I dont have Sibelius yet?
Is it because I am trying to save it to an external hard drive?
I dont have a MIDI keyboard but I heard that Sibelius was a good notation software to control sounds. Im pretty sure that might be my problem. But can somebody help me please! I got auditions coming up very soon!
It has nothing to do with Sibelius.  I am not sure but I think it needs to be on the same hard drive as your OS.  The samples can be stored on a seperate hard drive but not the program.  Call tech support at Tapspace to assist.

Viper - are you using a Macintosh or PC?
I use a PC

Jim is the expert on this topic, but I have found the installation of sample libraries on external drives to be problematic becuase they are not installed locally. This is generally caused by a program that requires files that need to be written to the admin/user registry.

I have had success installing other sample libraries locally (typically on the C: drive). After installing, I register and then move the libraries to the external drives. If you have the space on your hard drive, I would recomend this uber safe method.
OK. It sounds like you probably have some sort of corrupt preference or properties file.

Before you re-install, go to Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs

Scroll down to where you see Tapspace Virtual Drumline 2. Select it and click the ";Change/Remove"; button and do an ";Automatic"; Uninstall.

Once you've done this, restart your machine, and do a search for any/all of the following items:
[b]Virtual Drumline
If your search results in any leftover VDL files, delete them and empty the recycle bin.

At this point, you should be certain there are absolutely no VDL2 components left on your computer (PC wizards, if I've missed something, please correct me).

Now, re-install the software from the VDL:2 DVD. If you can, just install it to your C drive for now. You can move it later if you like. You'll just have to set the library location from within VDL:2 which is very easy, and only required the first time you launch after moving files. Remember to be patient toward the end of the progress bar as that's where the installer is placing the very large container files. Do not interrupt the installer!

Let us know how you progress.
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