Snare Volume in Kontakt 2 changes

I am using Finale 2006, VDL2, and Kontakt 2.  For some reason my snare volume keeps randomly going down.  The sliders next to the snare volume in Kontakt keep going down.  I try to grab them as they are falling but they keep moving down.  Is there something in Finale that is making Kontakt switch.  Ive never really had this problem.  Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the advice!�� I will look at using K2 as a plugin and turning scroll off.�� The little P4 Laptop has almost seen it's last day.�� I'll probably start looking for a new one next year.�� I've actually considered *gasp* at looking at a Mac.�� They just seem to be more expensive when you put then side by side with PC's.�� And with all my Windows Programs, Ive heard Mac is a little slow when it comes to converting them.�� It taxes your system.�� I dont know if they have fixed that yet.�� Again, thanks for the help!

UPDATE:  I used K2 as a plugin for FInale 06.  WOW.  What a difference!!!  Anyone using these two programs in standalone should make the switch.  Finale would lock up on me from time to time and become very unstable.  That has not happened since I switched.  Entering in notes used to have a slight delay.  not anymore.  And best of all, NO pops or cracking in the sound.    I also shut off side scrolling, so that might have helped also.  What a difference.  Thanks so much!

[quote author=Fliggity link=topic=1404.msg6354#msg6354 date=1161702894]
...I've actually considered *gasp* at looking at a Mac...

You will not regret that decision!
Good to know that that has helped your playback.  I am assuming you have the most current Kontakt 2 update (2.1.1)?  This might also be good to get this update.
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