K2 and Sib 4 (slightly off topic)

First off, sorry if this is redundant (and if so, please point me to the answer :)

How do you link K2 and Sibelius?  I tried setting it up with the same settings as the VDL Player but that didn't work.  I skimmed the manual but found nothing for a notataion program, just a sequencer (logic, protools etc.)

2nd, I am able to load sounds into K2 (either stock samples such as Violin or VDL Samples) and I get the keymaps etc., I press a key on my midi kbd and see that the cpu is recieving etc. but no sound comes out...I checked the Kontakt help site and did what it said, but still no sounds...I can not audtition the sounds via the on screen kbd nor hear them when I play a corresponding key.  (I have the most updated version of K2)...this answer may be in the tutorial (loading VDL2 instruments into K2) but I am not in a place where I can check that out at the momemt....and, this may be more of a K2 thing than a VDL thing....

Lastly, this forum is killer and thanks to everyone for the info being shared! (and sorry for my newbie questions)...



For whatever reason, it seems I have to do the purge / reload for any sample...when the samples are first loaded, the light in the purge zone is red, then when I purge, it turns yellow/orange, reload, it turns green...don't know if this is normal but it is working...time to have some fun~

Options > Load / Import, uncheck ";Load Instruments / Banks / multis in 'purged mode' (without loading samples into RAM)";

If that's off, the behavior should correct itself.
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