Finale 2005 Out of Place Sounds.

I just got my copy of Virtual Drumline 2 in today, and its great.  There is only one problem.  When I am using Finale 2005 and I checkmark MIDIThru, and set it to ";smart";, Random VD2 sounds start playing every now and then.  This doesn't just happen while playing the score, but also while its just sitting there.  It only happens if the MIDIThru is selected and set to ";smart";.  It did the same thing before I installed VD2, except it was with another soundfont, and those sounds started to randomly trigger.  I've seen a thread on here for sibelius, but not one for Finale.  If anyone has any ideas at all about how this might be fixed, please share.

Give us more info......

Windows, Mac? RAM? Sound Card?

What are you using as a MIDI device/MIDI interface/Host program?

If you are not using a MIDI device set MIDI thru to off. If you have under a gig of RAM and you are using a Windows machine, consider using light versions of the instruments in VDL and also clicking '32-bit MIDI Driver' (under the MIDI Menu of Finale '05) before playback. Clicking this will restore your MIDI drivers (windows only) which can be lost if your RAM is under 1 GB.

Let's get some more info to accurately troubleshoot this problem.
Sorry, I guess I was a little vague.  I'm using finale 2005 with VD2, I have 1 gig of ram, Pentium 4  3.4Ghz.  I am not using a midi device, Just Finale 2005 and VD2.    I'll try setting the midi thru to off. 

Ok, that seemed to do the trick.  Thanks for your help.  What exactly is midi thru for?  Do you need it set to smart when using a midi keyboard or host program? 

Hey man,

Check it out.  Do a search and you will find TONS of answers to questions just like these.
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