no sound after waking screen

Everything works great while I'm using VDL:2  However, when my computer screen goes to sleep, I run into problems.  When I awake the screen, everything is fine except there is no sound.  The Sibelius mixer still shows that sound is being played, but I cannot hear it.  I tried reloading the sounds, and reassigning/reseting the devices.  The only solution seems to be to restart the computer, but this seems unnecessary.  I am running VDL:2 on Mac OS 10.4.8, with Sibelius 3.  Any suggestions?

Often times, a screensaver will access your sound driver, and not release it.  I know that the Guinness screensaver I was running would require that I powercycle my Edirol card.  After uninstalling it, I've had absolutely no problem.

Granted it's a mac, it may be that the sleep cycle locks up your sound card driver.
Are other audio programs also not sending a signal after wakeup? Perhaps try doing this with itunes open, let the computer go to sleep, wake it, check and see if itunes has audio output. If it does, then try VDL2 by clicking on some highlighted keys on the on-screen keyboard. If it's silent, open the 'setup' window, nudge a few settings around, then return them to their original state, and click 'OK.' See if that kicks it into gear.

I haven't heard of this happening before, but drumcat is probably right that the sleep function is doing something to interrupt your audio driver.

If you haven't already, you might also benefit from repairing permissions (from disk utiliti). This is something that is recommended to do fairly often to help keep things playing nice within your system.

There is also a good general Mac OSX tutorial for Native Instruments users at:

You'll see that they recommend not using the 'sleep' function if you are using your machine for pro audio this way. That may have something to do with it.
Turn off your screen saver when working in Sibelius, or any other audio program for that matter.  As said before, it can cause issues.

On another note, turn off or close anything that you don't need running at the time.  Such as anti virus software, log off the internet, screen savers, or any widgets open.
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