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I march at Michigan State University and I'm in the process of entering our library of music into VDL2.... problem is ... we march 7 bass drums.  Is there any possible way aside from waiting for VDL3 to get that 7th Bass?
While Jim may be in a better position to answer the question, let make an attempt. The short answer is yes. The long explanation is that you would need to remap all of the bass samples using a program such as Battery (another NI sampler using the same Kontakt engine). With Battery for example you can remap the key assignments to include a second set of which ever bass you wish to alter. Then change the pitch of the audio file. I've done this with VDL1 and battery when I needed an extra shot drum in a tenor setup. Fair warning though, it is tedious and a bit time consuming, although it might satisfy you inner geek.

VDL:3? Hmm...
I'm assuming this is because of playback and not for graphic purposes.

Since I don't know much, I'd take the low tech route out:

You could just load a second channel of basses, then adjust the overall tuning of those drums until you find the seventh tuning you want. Then on your score, create another staff dedicated to that seventh drum only. It will play back at the same time as the other score, but you'll hear the seventh part. Hopefully whatever you are doing to record the parts will accept that. It would in my case because I use audacity (again, I'm a low-tech guy),.�� But audacity does everything I need it to and more stuff than I'll ever want.

Then when it's time to pass the music out, you can delete or hide the ";seventh bass only"; staff, then go in and notate it on the staff with the other six.

This is also assuming that you don't mind having your seventh bass --if high-- on the 'd' space above bass clef or --if low-- on the 'd' space below the bass cleff staff. If you want to adjust all of the basses to lines, not spaces, I think you are looking at a whole lot more work than what you are probably having time for.�� (As well as all of that stuff Ted mentioned that I cannot even begin to comprehend!).

You know I could be wrong on everything I just said -- in which case, someone will undoubtedly catch my mistake and set you right -- so good luck. My solution, at least, works in my head.
If you have Kontakt, it's not hard -- assuming you don't need the fancy stuff.  You can edit the nks to include a pitch-shifted drum.  If you email me, and tell me what you need, I'll see what I can figure out.

I make no guarantees, but this should work.


Place this in your basses folder.  You'll find it in the list the next time you start the player.

It's a true hack; I simply took out the bass 6 notes above the top bass ";hits";, and replaced them with top bass samples pitch shifted up a fourth.

As for your template, you'll need to adjust that one.

Any luck King?
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