Registration/authorization problems with AU lab I have been searching for an AU hosting program. I got really excited when I found out that mac OS 10.4 came with one that I could use. So after I got it installed and started to open it, it says ";[b]Virtual Drumline 2[/b]    The registration period has expired. Please register your product with the registration tool provided in the applications folder."; At first, I just clicked cancel and went on with opening the program. When the program opened, there was not an option to use VDL sounds in the drop-down menu (which I know this program is capible of doing) Only the DLS music device. I thought it may of had something to do with my copy of VDL2 not being authorized. I did that back in November of last year...but I checked it out nonetheless. Sure enough, it says that my version [u]has[/u] been sucessfully authorized... Any suggestions?
Hmm. Try opening the standalone version of VDL2. Do you get the same message?

It's possible that if there were any changes to your harware configuration (reformatted hard drive, new ram, new machine, etc), the system ID may have changed, causing the original authorization code not to work. If this has happened, you can deauthorize your former authorization by logging into your account on the NI website, then re-run the VDL2 registration tool to receive a new authorization.

When you authorize VDL2 on your machine, it essentially registers ALL formats of it (stand-alone player, AU, VST), so my hunch is that if the AU is giving you this message, the standalone version will as well. The property list (preference file containing your system ID/authorization) is the same for both.

What kind of Mac are you doing this on? Is it a newer Intel Mac?

Couple support links that may also be able to help you since NI handles all registration/authorizations for VDL2:

Log in here, and click ";View and Manage Authorizations";:

Get registration support from NI using the form here:
The stand-alone version of VDL2 opens without any problems. I did get a new stick of ram.. I have an imac g5 power pc 20'. If you don't have any other suggestions, I guess what I need to do is re-authorize my account?
I'm not sure. This doesn't sound like normal behavior. You'll need to be careful not to de-authorize your current system if its system ID has remained the same.

[u]FIRST THING TO TRY[/u]: One thing that may help (if you haven't done so already) is to install the Kontakt Player software update. There is a link to it at:

I'd start with that, and perhaps it will get you on track. If you've already done this, or that suggestion doesn't work, then try this (bear with me):

1 - Open up the VDL2 ";registration tool"; application (found within your VDL2 application folder). Once it's open, write down (carefully) the numbers listed at the top under ";system ID";.

2 - Log into your account at NI at:
...and click on ";view and manage authorizations";.

3 - Find your registration info for VDL2, and compare the SYSTEM ID (listed by NI's site) with the one you wrote down in Step 1 above.

4 - If they are the same, I would recommend you do NOT de-authorize your system as you won't be allowed to reauthorize it if the system ID is the same. If this is the case, you should contact NI registration support using this form:

5 - If the System ID's are NOT the same, then perhaps adding the ram stick changed the thumbprint of your machine. If so, I think it will be OK to deauthorize (on the NI site).

6 - Before re-running the registration tool (be sure to quit it), it'll probably be a good idea to trash the following files (do a 'find' then drag them to the trash and empty it):
[b]com.native-instruments.Virtual Drumline 2.plist[/b]
[b]Virtual Drumline 2.plist[/b]

7 - Upon re-launching the Registratiobn Tool program, you may be prompted to re-enter your VDL2 serial number. Note, there is a slight chance you may get an error message asking you to re-install VDL2. If this happens, it's best to do so by trashing all VDL2 files (in the Tapspace 'applications' folder), and any of the aforementioned .plist preferences files.

The folks at NI should be able to give you a little more concise direction on what's going on. The above suggestions are merely something to try until you hear back from them. I hope this helps.

Keep me posted.
Ok. So I downloaded the update...nothing. Then I checked the numbers...They were different, so I de-authorized my account on the NI site. Now I need to know how to re-authorize my system.
[quote author=goodfight link=topic=1416.msg6431#msg6431 date=1162870273]
Ok. So I downloaded the update...nothing. Then I checked the numbers...They were different, so I de-authorized my account on the NI site. Now I need to know how to re-authorize my system.

Steps 6 and 7 in my earlier post refer to re-authorizing your machine.  First, trash those two .plist files, then run the registration tool. Since your system ID has changed, the registration tool will walk you through the steps.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend you fill out the NI registration support request form at:

They are the masters of the registration process, so if my suggestions don't completely get you up and running, they'll be able to.
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