hey guys, im farley new to VD2 and i have a questions. If i've used all 8 of my channels how do i switch to the next 8?
i didnt want to make a new thread but when i save files as a midi, i try and play in and the sounds are not VD2 sounds, what am i doing wrong?
Midi files do not contain any audio information. Only Midi data. You would need to send the midi signal to an audio source (like VDL2) to hear anything. If you want to save a file to listen to, you need to save an AUDIO file (not a midi file). To create an audio file, you need an audio recording program. Check into Audacity. It's free.
how do i save it to a audio file?
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Which notation product do you use?�� Finale 2006 + can load multiple instances of the VDL player within the notation program itself.�� If you are looking to do this outside the program, try checking a program called Bidule ([url][/url], or maybe even a program called Kontakt 2 from Native instruments [url][/url].�� Bidule is a lot less expensive and would allow you to load multiple instances of the VDL player within.�� You can then have your Notation program ";read"; from Bidule by setting the Midi Out to be the Bidule program.��

I personally use Bidule, but in some of my scores I am beginning t run into a ";Wall"; as it were were it just can not handle any more information.�� Loading my sounds directly into Finale solved the problem.�� There may be a way if you use Sibelius, but I am not as familiar anymore with that program as I have not used it in a while.�� Maybe someone else can chime in on that.

I hope this helps you along the way.

I just upgraded to Finale 2007 .�� Previously I had been using Finale 2005 with Bidule, but could you exlpain how to load VDL2 directly into the new version of Finale?
Start with the VDL2 Quickstart Guide. If you don't have it, you can download it at:

The instructions for Finale 2006 are the same as 2007.
ok i downloaded audacity and i dont know how to import? please help
Once you save your audio files, Mike, you can just drag the file into the Audactiy window and it will import.

[url][/url] is a website from Audacity which you can ask for help specifically with Audacity.
ok, but now i need to know how to save as an audio file. i use sibelius and i try going to file+save as audio track and that dosent work
Have you read the Audacity documentation yet? Since using Audacity seems to be your main concern here, you should check their help page. Start with ";frequently asked questions";, then move to ";documentation";, and if you're still in need of help, they also have a user forum.

Keep in mind, Audacity is an audio recording program. It works outside of Sibelius, so you'll need to click ";record"; in Audacity before it's able to hear anything that Sibelius/VDL are cretaing.

Good luck.
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You have to write in a controller change.�� In Sibelius:

1. ctrl+e or ctrl+t
2. type in ~C1,120
3. highlight the bar or note you have written a roll and turn off the tremelo playback.�� Make sure you add ~C1,000 before the next non-rolled note to reset the controller.

This is also what you do for other various changes throughout the ensemble, consult your keymaps.

does this also work with the vide sustain, or is it another number or what?
C1 is always the mod-wheel. So any instruments that use MW for controlling alternate sounds would use the same convention.
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