Since I am not attending PASIC this year, I was wondering if anyone that is there can share any new products from Tapspace being released there - if there are any that have not been mentioned on here that is.

I'd really like a PASIC review since I can't get there this year. This is the first time in 5 years I have not been in attendance. However, given a choice between PASIC and Midwest, I chose Midwest since I have yet to attend. Anyone else heading to Chicago in December?

Ted Boliske
I made the choice to attend MidWest as well this year.  My school will only let me away for one thing other than our KMEA conference and to be honest, I hate to be away from the family more than that anyway.  Maybe we could get together while we are in Chicago?  Maybe have a VDL ";hang"; or something?  I remember seeing Jim there with a Tapspace booth last year...
I'll be getting in sometime on Wednesday as I have an elementary band concert Tuesday evening. Other than Midwest the only other item on the schedule is an obligatory stop at Garrett's for popcorn. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you arre missing the best freshly made popcorn in the world.

Greetings from Austin, TX.

There are several new releases being seen for the first time here at PASIC where things are being very well received and keeping us hopping!

We're really proud of how all these new pieces turned out, and it seems like the enthusiastic response is good confirmation of that. If you haven't looked at some of these yet, go to the [url=]Tapspace home page[/url], and you'll see a listing of the newest products including, ";Dancin' on the Time"; by Royal Hartigan - our first drumset book which includes a DVD (and it's a doozy!). Danny Gottlieb had an early copy and came by the booth to tell us how blown away he was by it. Royal can have that affect on people once you begin to realize the scope of his wisdom. This was a labor of love for Murray Gusseck (a student of Royal's) and should really be a timeless resource for drummers.

[u]We've also just finished four brand-spankin' new concert titles that are really great:[/u]

";Blue Motion"; by UK composer Stephen Whibley - an highly energetic duo with a great groove.

";Rochambeaux"; by Brian S. Mason - A groove-based percussion ensemble which won first prize in the DCI percussion ensemble competition in 2001

";Leyenda"; by Isaac Alb̩niz, arranged by Gifford Howarth - Adaptatation of the famous classical guitar transcription for marimba and beginning percussion ensemble accompaniment.

";Wind Chimes Beneath a Summer Rain"; by Robert McClure - New marimba solo with a lot of great opportunities for artistic expression.

[u]Other recently released concert pieces:[/u]

";Alborada del Gracioso"; by Ravel, arranged by James Ancona - this was released a little while ago, but it's one of my favorite arrangements that Jim has done. Really great stuff.

";Take Hold of Me"; by Olin Johannessen - a jazzy vibraphone and marimba duet which will make a really cool recital piece.

";La Forza del Destino"; by Verdy, arranged by Luke Aylsworth - from the famous opera overture, this percussion ensemble arrangement is a great intermediate/advanced level piece for large ensemble or arena concert ensemble.

";Katraterra"; by me.

In the Virtual Drumline department, we don't have any earth-shattering new releases to report. Sorry. It's been great to meet so many VDL2 users in the booth, and talk through various ideas and help folks out with different questions. Now that VDL2 has been in the mainstream for some time, it's interesting to see how people's familiarity with it is evolving. Things we discuss about it this year, seem to be much farther along than things we discuss last year.

Our main mission is to continue working toward our next big maintenance update, which will be our universal binary (for intel mac users), Kontakt Player 2 version. This will require much of our attention and will be a pretty intensive update, so we appreciate your patience as it is developed to be the next big step in functionality. More news will be offered as it becomes available.

Unfortunately, we will not have a booth at the Midwest Clinic this year. It simply fell too close to the Christmas holiday for us to fit it into our other hectic travel plans.

As always, thanks for all the support guys. It's your enthusiasm towards what we do that keeps us going!
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