re: Bass Drum Auto RL being used when not loaded

Hey guys,

I am loading Bass Line Lite and using the Bass Line Full/ Lite Staff Type. I enter a simple 8th note pattern to be played all right hand, but it plays back Auto RL. Anyone had that happen? Please advise...

I'll make an assumption that you're using the standard player here...  when it's open, do you find that by clicking on the blue keyboard keys, you are hearing different ";hands";?  In other words, when you play it on the sampler, are you hearing the audio as you'd expect it?
Another thing that may be occuring has to do with your ";espressivo"; settings in Sibelius. Try setting to ";mecchanico"; and see if that changes your results. My guess is that if you're hearing some inconsistencies from note-to-note, perhaps you're not hearing true ";Auto RL"; shifting, but rather, slight changes in velocity (from espressivo) that are triggering different samples and making it sound inconsistent.
When I played on the K2 keyboard it would trigger the Auto RL sounds, even though it was the Bassline Lite (MW KS) sample that was loaded. Just for schlitz and giggles I reloaded the Bassline Lite sample and it seems to work fine now. Any clue as to what I could have done to make that happen so I don't do it again?
No, but if it happens again, document your prior steps so we can try to reproduce it!
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