Connecting VDL:2 with Sibelius

Just having a little bit of touble getting the sounds from VDL:2 into Sibelius. In the packet that came with VDL:2, I got all the way down to step 5 successfully. My keyboard is hooked up and I can play it on VDL:2 and Sibelius but I can't flow the battery instruments I need into Sibelius. Step 6 is a little condusing for me.
";It's all clear kid";

Thanks DrumCat
What do you have set for the ";input device"; in Sibelius?

For what it's worth, it sounds like your frustration is simply a matter of learning a few new things along the way. Be patient, but be willing to learn as you go. It won't help you much if someone just tells you which settings to enter. It'll be far more beneficial for you to learn and truly understand what these settings mean. That said, I recommend you read (carefully) the Quickstart guide again, and if there are any lingering questions, please post them clearly. Help will be there for you if you need it, but your patience and understanding will help you (and those here on the forum) from becoming more frustrated. Hang in there.
Is there any way for someone to help me step by step? I mean Im not computer illiterate and I do know some stuff, but I just can't seem to grasp this. I spent a lot of money on Sibelius, VDL:2, and the midi-keyboard. I need help and this is the only place where help is recommended. Can I Instant message someone to help me. I can't get anywhere with this and its killing me. There has got to be someone. Please someone help me. It's too late for it to help me with my DCI auditions for this weekend but I have 2 more Im going to over the next 2 weekends. Help ME!

I have Midi-Yoke. It is in both VDL:2 and Sibelius. I have it set to on in VDL:2 under input Interface. I have downloaded the template from I have MIDI Yoke NT: 1 to Yes in the use column of Sibelius. My keyboard is hooked up to my computer. I set up the Mixer in Sibelius to MIDI Yoke: 1 and had my specific drums set to the specific locations. It still doesn't work. If this doesn't work im going to have to ask for a refund becuase this is wasting my time.

My e-mail is and my AIM name is Viper989098790. Please don't let me regret this purchase
Ditto that. Some more details will help. One thing I might suggest is to really try wrapping yourself around the flowchart concept of page 1 on the Quickstart guide. The reason I say that is because you mentioned, ";getting sounds from VDL:2 into Sibelius."; This, is not what you should be trying to do.

Instead, what you should be doing with your connections is sending MIDI signal OUT of Sibelius, and IN to VDL2. So even though you're end result will be to work ";in"; sibelius, what you'll be hearing isn't sibelius at all, but rather, VDL:2 in the background.

This may be a different way to think about it for you, but it may help you make the correct decisions when setting your midi ins and outs in the two programs. Take a few extra minutes to read the Quickstart Guide, and really try to understand things where you don't feel completely confident. If you can learn those concepts, chances are, you'll be good to go!
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