Virtual MIDI keyboard with Finale 2006

I am attemtpting to use this virtual MIDI keyboard with finale 2006. On the keyboard I have the MIDI port set as MIDI yoke NT: 1  In finale as the input device I have it set on MIDI yoke NT:1.  The only thing I can do is playback the sounds with the keyboard. It will not write any notes into a stave. Something I'm missing?  Any hints, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am using Windows XP. 
Your input device in Finale should be the virtual keyboard itself, I'd think...
Exactly. I'd think the virtual midi keyboard would appear as its own input device in Finale. If so, set your Finale input device to that.

Then, in Finale, midi OUT would be Midi Yoke 1.

And in VDL2, midi IN would be Midi Yoke 1.

[b]If that doesn't work:[/b]
If for some reason your virtual midi keyboard doesn't appear as a device in the Finale MIDI setup window, set your INPUT device in Finale to Midi Yoke 2, and set the MIDI-OUT of your virtual keyboard to Midi Yoke 2 also.
Thanks for your suggestions. I'll be sure to give it a shot as soon as I get home from the workplace.  If I cannot get it to work, any reccomendations on a real MIDI keyboard that will work well with VD2????  Something not to pricey. 

OK - keep us posted! Seems like by far the least expensive hardware midi keyboard that people like to use with VDL2 is the M-Audio Keystation 49e. It's a USB keyboard and won't require a separate midi interface, so it's about as plug-n-play as you'll get. Plus it has four octaves, which will give you decent coverage for many of the keymaps in VDL2 without having to switch octaves too much. More info at:

All in all, this should be a more efficient way to enter notes rather than pointing/clicking on an on-screen keyboard. It will be worth the investment.
Thanks Jim! I went ahead, and ordered that. No sense in fighting with the virtual keyboard anymore.�� I'm all about doing things the right way.�� Anything else I may encounter I'll be sure to post on the forum.��

Thanks Again,

I use the Virtual Midi Keyboard with Finale and it works great as long as I use an actual mouse with my laptop.�� I had some earlier ramblings on the use of it in an earlier post.�� I have inserted some screen shots of what this would look like when using something like Maple midi for your Virtual Midi Cable.

The Input Device would need to be the same as the output device in your Settings of the Virtual midid Keyboard.�� I hope these Screen s hots help.

[color=Red][font=Verdana][center]CLICK THE SETTINGS BUTTON ON VIRTUAL KEYBOARD AND GET THIS WINDOW:[/center][/font][/color]


[color=Red][center]FINALE MIDI SETUP:[/center][/color]


Here is some of my freaky rantings on this when I was trying it out on my PC laptop.  I was excited....sorry.  :)
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