Help with VDL2 and Sibelius.

Is there a way to add more channels to the Kontakt Player than the normal 8? I am having trouble adding more channels to this. Am i missing something??

One method that works for some Windows users is to launch a second ";instance"; of the player in standalone mode. To do this, make a copy of the ";VirtualDrumline2"; program and name it something different like ";VirtualDrumline2-B";. In this second instance, you'd set your channels to 9-16 (rather than 1-8 which is probably what you're using in the first instance).

Technically, the above method is NOT supported, but we've heard it works.

For the official word on this, you should visit Tapspace FAQ Central. This topic is covered at:
Thanks Jim..

Helped alot.. but you have a PM from me!! thanks again.

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