OT: Microphone Suspension (shock) Mounts

I came up with a new microphone mounting system this season for my keyboards.  I feel that it is important to share this mount design because it works well, it is very (VERY) affordable, and it could help a group through some of the potential pains of amplification without spending a fortune.

The mounts come out costing $3-$6 each.  I used Pearl rack mounts from underneath all my Adams keyboards and auxiliary cymbal mounts for my non-Adams instruments.



- David
That's awesome.  That's one of the best homemade shockmounts that I've seen.  Sure beats $65-200 for a shockmount that is almost the extact same thing, plus the PVC is way more durable.
VERY cool!

Maybe I'm being childish but it made me laugh.....

Great Idea and very cost effective. Thanks!!!!
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