recording problems using Quicktime pro

Hi, I've been having trouble recording using quicktime pro which in the past have not. For some reason when I open up a new audio file to record from my sibelius file, both can't operate at the same time. before, I would press the record button from quicktime pro followed by the play button from my sibelius 3 and record with no problem. Now when I try to record, the sibelius sound is mute while still recording. what to do?
It's hard to say what's going on without a little more detail about your setup or methods. I've never really done this, but from what I understand, recording with Quicktime Pro usually requires some sort of ";line in";. You should be able to set Quicktime's recording input device within its preferences. I didn't think you could capture soundcard output directly within Quicktime. Most people use something like WireTap Pro for this method.
Is it possible it's an ASIO type exclusivity issue?  Maybe a reboot...
ok..this is what I have. 160GB cpu with IGB ram. Sibelius 3,VDL2,and O2 midi keyboard.  This is my step sequence to work and record. (1.) Open vdl2,set midi with yoke nt1 to ";on"; and rest is off. (2.) Open sibelius to my concert snare file which I had already input with vdl2. (3.) set the mixer to make sure I have soundand channel right. (4.) As the score is on the screen, I open up a quiktime pro audio recording file.(5.) click on ";record"; followed by click on ";play"; from sibelius score. In the past I was able to listen while recording. but now when I click";play"; from sibelius, no sounds are heard.
What kind of soundcard are you using?
What are your settings in the VDL2 Soundcard setup window?
What is set as your audio input device in Quicktime?
Do you only lose sound when you're trying to record with Quicktime?

The way you're describing recording seems odd. Have you tried using Audacity to record, rather than Quicktime? You may have better results.

Please be a little more detailed with your descriptions as we are not able to see your system except for what you tell us. You didn't mention you were using Windows, but I had to figure that out from the fact that you mentioned Midi Yoke. 160GB CPU? All we can do is guess without more accurate info.
soundcard is NVIDIA. VDL2 set up is Asio at top,44100, then NVIDIA ASIO. Audio input with quicktime is quicktime music synthesizer if that's what you mean. And yes, sound is lost only when recording.
It may have something to do with your Quicktime audio input. If the option is available, you should have it capture audio from you soundcard, not the quicktime synthesizer. You may want to check out Audacity.
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