Setup trouble! (Finale2007, VDL2, Yamaha PSR-85)

When I hit notes on my keyboard and they don't transmit to Finale or VDL2.  Here's my checklist:

-Installed software and connected M-Audio Uno USB cable to my Yamaha PSR-85 keyboard
-Midi Thru = Smart
-Instrument List: channel #s are correct
-VDL2 MIDI IN = Omni
-Play Finale through Native Instruments VST = checked
-MIDI>Native Instruments VST setup>Finale Channel 1-16 = VDL2, clicked EDIT to open and load multi battery autoRL sounds
-Speedy Entry Tool selected, Speedy Options>Use MIDI device for input = checked

What am I missing?


Right now, with that setup, you are not telling Finale that you will be entering notes with this keyboard.�� This is why you are not getting any response from Finale and VDL.��

Try these settings:

[li]Go to the [b]Midi Menu -->Midi Setup[/b][/li]
[li]Midi In = [b]USB UNO Midi In[/b][/li]
[li]Midi Out = [b]NONE[/b][/li]
[li]Midi Thru set to [b]Smart[/b] is correct[/li]
[li]Go to the [b]Midi Menu -->Native Instruments VST Setup [/b] and make sure that the box for [b]Play Finale through Native Instruments VST[/b] is checked - like you already have.[/li]
[li]Where it says [b]OMNI[/b] under the Instrument Name in the VDL Player after you load the sounds it will change to 1,2,3, or 4 depending on which slot you are in after you load the multi (Ex. Snares = 1, Tenors = 2, etc.)[/li]

Let's try these settings and see if these get you going.��
Cool, works now, thanks!
Great to hear V'Fan.  Glad I could be of assistance.
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