Mod wheel stuck?

One more question  (Mac, Finale, VD:2)

I have the marimba lite sound loaded and I seem to be stuck in some sort of a mod wheel setting where I cannot get any of the marimba sounds I am entering to NOT roll.  I turn the mod wheel down and it seems to enter it with normal struck notes, but when I play it back, it snaps back and rolls all of the notes.....What am I doing wrong?
Maybe you've already done this, so excuse me if this is redundant info. Mod-wheel changes are ";performed"; by Finale. So to do this, you'd enter the CC change (continuous controller) directly into Finale either with the MIDI tool or by attaching a playback setting to a text attribute. So for rolls, set this controller change to 127 (all the way up). Once you want the instrument to perform regular strokes again, enter another controller change to 1 (all the way down). From your description, it sounds like maybe you didn't send another controller change to move it back down. Keep in mind, moving the physical mod wheel on your midi keyboard will not do anything to affect your Finale playback (unless you're sequencing in real time with Hyperscribe). Using the physical wheel is good for auditioning sounds, but for live playback, you need to enter those controller changes as they occur.

There's a tutorial about using the MIDI tool to enter modulation controller changes in Finale. Check it out at:

";.....or by attaching a playback setting to a text attribute";

I know how this is done in Sibelius (~C1,127  then  ~C1,1) but I am at a loss for how the text attribute is set-up in Finale. Any lessons? Thx
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