Need help with VD2 playback! and Cubase

After reading post after post, I'm still baffled with the problem with my playback.  When I load up VD2, I get this buzzing/clicking sound that repeats.  I've sort of figured out that it has something to do with my soundcard and latency.  As I adjust the latency, the sound will go up and down but not go away!.  Sometimes it will work but then randomly it goes back to the clicking (which will stop if I close down VD2).  It will even freeze up my machine with the dreaded ";Blue Screen of Death";.  With 2 indoor drumline shows to write, I REALLY need to get this fixed!!
Here are my specs:
Dell Dimension 4700 PC
Pentium 4 (2.8 GHz)
160 GB Hard Drive
Audigy 2 Soundcard
Sibelius 4
Is my soundcard just jacked up?  Do I need another one?

Also, I bought Cubase SE 3 but when I load up a VD2 instrument, it says that I have ";Low Physical Memory";.  I'm not sure what that means and how to fix it.  I thought that I had enough memory!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Tom Tucker
Forsyth Central High School
Regarding the clicking sound, it sounds like it might be something to do with your soundcard driver. You may want to download the latest driver updates for your Audigy2 from Creative Labs. Sometimes just keeping your software current may help alleviate problems. Can I assume you're hearing this when running VDL2 in standalone mode? If so, it might be worth listing your soundcard settings (from the VDL2 soundcard setup window). Perhaps you have an incorrect setting in there under the driver interface.

If you haven't done so already, I'd suggest going through the various ";tune up tips"; at  This can do some pretty good things to help prep your machine for all that you're asking it to do.

Regarding the other problem of low memory, with 3GB RAM, that sounds odd. Do you have other programs running? It might be worth launching the task manager to see what else might be happening beneath the surface without your awareness. You should have plenty of headroom with 3GB, so that's not normal.

Also, if you haven't already, make sure you are using the latest VDL2 Kontakt Player. You can see what version you're using in the ";about"; window of VDL2. Current version is available at:

If you're still having problems, you might find that using the DFD extension (also available at the updates page above) will help keep VDL2 from eating up your RAM. I'd first try to solve the problem without DFD though. Ultimately, you may find better performance keeping DFD off since you have the RAM supply.
There's so many variables why a PC can be giving a memory error- from hardware installation to someone being a Myspace freak who's unknowingly downloaded 200 spyware and adware programs.

Right click on ";My Computer"; and choose ";properties"; and make sure your RAM is installed correctly.  It should say something like:

blah blah blah

Registered To:
blah blah blah

Pentium whatever
Model number
CPU speed and [b]RAM amount[/b]

I'm going to make a wild guess that as a Windows XP user, you have a ton of junk pre-installed from Dell and other vendors.  Some programs have a ";memory leak"; and will slowly bog down your system, so do a reboot and only run Cubase + VDL2 and see if it helps.
Tom, can you post the driver that gives the BSOD?  That is probably the key here.  That has to get fixed first, before you can troubleshoot the crackle.
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