2006 Finale template

Quick question...
Just downloaded the 2006 Finale template and opened it up to find only one line for the snares...is there a way to turn it back to the 5 line staff?  I really prefer that one...

Also, I'm having kind of a weird thing with the input/playback.  When my USB audio device is turned ";on"; in VDL2, I can hear it when I enter the notes, but it says it's busy on playback.  When it's ";off"; in VDL2, the opposite happens (no hear input, hear output).  Please help.

Carl Eppler, who prefers Sibelius


you can change the number of lines in the staff by:

[li]Going to the Staff Tool[/li]
[li]Double-click the first measure of the Snare Drum Staff[/li]
[li]on the right side towards the top you will see that it says Staff: 1 Line with FULL Barline.�� Change this to say Staff: Standard 5-Line[/li]
[li]Click OK and you will see the Snare staff has 5 lines again[/li]

In regards to your Midi input issue:

What is your MIDI Device and your MIDI Setup?
Are you using Windows or Macintosh?
Are you running VDL2 outside of Finale or from the Native Instruments VST/AU Setup within Finale?
Hi Carl,

For the midi input thing, just guessing here, but you may want to have your Midi ins and outs set a little differently.

Since you mentioned your USB Audio device (i'm guessing that's your keyboard?) is ";on"; in VDL2, that you must be running VDL2 in standalone mode rather than hosting in Finale. Not sure if there's a reason you're doing that, but you may want to look into the hosting method. It's a lot more slick to do it that way.

Nonetheless, if doing all of this with VDL2 in standalone, make sure your keyboard is OFF in the VDL2 midi setup. The VDL2 midi-input should be set to whatever you are using as your virtual midi cable (which would also be set as the OUT from Finale). Also make sure midi thru is set to 'smart.'

If I'm off course, let me know. Your answers to Coach's questions will supply necessary info to make more educated suggestions.

good luck!
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