Dowloading problem

Im having trouble downloading VDL 2. I deleted it completely from my computer to get rid of any potentially corrupt files and tried again but it still wont download. What should i do?
Are you running any Anti Virus programs or any other security software at the time of installation?
Did you read the Quickstart Guide? I'm worried that the part you mention ";where it hangs"; it's not hanging at all. This is the point in the installer where very large files are being installed, and you have to [u]be patient[/u]. It can take up to 20 minutes or so.
yes. i did un-install through the control panel and then re-installed. it seemed to transfer all the files up until the end where it just hangs.

Im using PC with Windows XP sp2 and i have 1G of ram and a pentium 4 processor.
Guessing that maybe you're on a PC, did you un-install it (originally) using the Control Panel called ";Add or Remove Programs?"; What do you mean by ";it won't install?";
You could start by telling us some basics...  like what kind of errors you get, etc.

Then you can take a look in the FAQ to see if your error codes are in there.  You might find your answer.

If you don't, when you post the error codes and the steps you're taking, and some details like Mac or PC, etc. etc. etc., we can get you going in the right direction.
i mean installing
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