OT: EMU samples coversion to AKAI into Kontak?

ok so I no longer have the Akai discs I used to use with my EMU sampler.  BUT I've saved them (the tweaked sound sets) to my Orb drive I use with my EMU6400.  The EMU is basically dead now sine I cant find the system software either.  Is there any compnay that can convert EMU to Kontak (or Akai I guess to import to Kontak)?

It would be great to have my sounds but if not, I'll live.

Kontakt is actually capable of directly importing several other sample formats, including EMU and Akai. I recently converted several akai samples directly in Kontakt with no problems, so my guess is it should work fairly well for you. Once you've imported an instrument, it's advisable to save it as a Kontakt format instrument (.nki).

ahh very cool I'll check this out.  I currently have Battery3 and am waiting on Kontak to arrive.  Battery will import AKAI samples too so I thought I'd give my EMU samples a try but no luck.  thanks!!!
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