I was looking for a way to have more then 8 channels on VDL2 for a winter show I'm writing. I downloaded bidule because I read the last topic on channel set-ups. It was going OK until it told me to find my VST plug-ins... I've been stuck there and don't know how get them to work with Bidule. I found the .nki files in the VDL2 Library but I don't what to do from there or if that is even it at all. Please help!!

I'm more of a visual person so screen shots work wonders for me.

I think this has been mentioned before. Make a duplicate of the VDL:2 player... then just set different channels. Now you're pretty much only limited to how many channels VDL will allow. I use this all the time on a Mac. Somebody call me on it if I missed something. It should be a pretty easy setup. Peace...

TuoPohc's suggestion is a workaround for loading multiple instances of the player in [b]standalone mode[/b]. If you want to host multiple instances as a VST in Bidule or another host program, the method is completely different.

Most likely, Bidule has a folder of VST's that it references. Until you copy the Virtual Drumline 2 VST into that folder, it won't appear in Bidule. The VDL2 plugin is named:


If you installed it during your VDL2 installation, you'll most likely find it in the ";VST Plug-in"; folder inside the VDL2 program folder. If you can't find it, you can always run the VDL2 installer again, and simply load JUST the VST Plugin. Once it's on your computer, right-click it and select ";copy."; Then paste it into the Bidule VST folder. Next time you launch Bidule, you should see Native Instruments/Virtual Drumline 2 available as a VST instrument.
OK I reinstalled VDL2 with the VST's, and I followed the instruction for setup. Now when I try to play something Sibelius Freezes and I have to restart it. Plus it somehow would not let me play music from iTunes or any sounds at all. It totally changed the way my sound card was set. Jim, can you please help me to set it up and not mess up everything else on my computer?

What happens when you reboot?  What kind of soundcard is it?  When Sibelius crashed, was there an error?

Tell us more...
I have a Soundblaster Audigy 2 sound card. When I rebooted It didn't help. I had to run my system restore program to get everything to work again. There was no error message in Sibelius when it stopped working, it would just freeze. Not much else happened.
OK, so now that you've run the system restore, does the Sibelius Freeze?
No because when I restored it reset all my settings and I deleted the Bidule program.
From what you've written I can't tell if your problem is fixed or not. If  I can offer a guess based on limited info, supplied you may have your midi settings wrong in Sibelius creating a midi loop. Check the FAQ at:
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