Jesse Mattson Tutorial Question, Cubase

To Jesse or anyone who might help me out:

GREAT tutorial, man.  Really helped me get the Cubase thing rolling right out of the box!

Two issues though.  In part 2 of the tutorial, step two, we're going to work through fading out the pit.  This never happens following Jesse's steps.  I've read the help files on fading in/out but everything is greyed out under Audio menu.  I'm wondering if this has anything to do with using midi tracks instead of audio?

Also, after following through with the mixdown steps to produce an mp3, nothing happens.  No error messege, no hour glass, nothing.  Just hit OK and that's it.  But no sound file.  I've tried the mixdown using differant formats and always the same thing....nothing.  If anyone has followed Jesse's tutorial to completion, please let me know if I'm missing a step.  I've been at this for a few days now.

And thanks guys.  Great products, great support, great info here on the forum.  I love this stuff!!

I always export an AIF out of cubase and use another program to make the mp3.  You can even use iTunes.  The line tool works OK for fading out music by adjusting the MIDI, but it's easier to edit the AIF you exported if you want fades, reverb, or other fx.

98% of people can't tell the difference between 120, 160, 196, 240, etc. bitrate or if they used iTunes, lame, or something else to encode it. 
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