Update question!

Is it possible to import percussion maps from, say the new finale template into a preesisting file?
I don't want to start over setting up my score, but I need the new rack combo map.


Finale 2k7
JSmith - Sibelius 3 does have this functionality. I believe they call these ";house styles";. However, the VDL2 template has a variety of staff types and noteheads (which are the important part for proper mapping functionality). I'm not certain the export/import features work all that reliably. I've found the safest option is to start from the Sib3 VDL2 template, then add or delete staves to customize it for your needs.

I have the same question, with regards to Sibelius 3...
I want to start setting up templates and I would like to know if there's a way to to ";copy and paste"; an instrument's keymap into the score's staff type/note map thing... 



First you will want to save the Percussion maps available in the template as a VDL library (as I call it).

1.) open the new template
2.) Go to your [b]File menu -->Save Library[/b], and choose only [b]Percussion maps[/b].�� Save as ";[b]VDL2 Maps[/b]";
3.) Save this into your [b]Finale 2007-->Libraries [/b] folder
4.) open a new file
5.) go to your [b]File Menu -->Load Library[/b]
6.) Search for your ";[b]VDL2 Maps[/b]"; library and then click Open.�� those maps will now be loaded into your Percussion map selection.

Otherwise if you are currently using a score you can just load the library that you saved and they will also be available then.  Either way  you can get them into your score and begin using them in other documents than your template.
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